Biking Historical Independence, MO

Independence Missouri has a huge amount of history to relish in. Virtually everything a history nut could ever want to learn about has passed through this city at one time or another. From uncharted expeditions to politics, religion to outlaws, there is a wealth of knowledge to be had. What better way to explore it all, than by bike.

Biking allows you to do multiple things. It allows you to slow down and smell the flowers. You can take your time and observe your world much closer, while still being able to cover more distance with greater ease. Put that together with the over-flowing history of Independence and you get an ever-growing Petri dish of adventure.

My purpose for creating Self-Propelled Adventures is to nurture this idea. By creating and planning the adventures, it allows me to start the process and you to "self-propel" you, family, and friends through endless possibilities of excitement and adventure. Memories that help history last forever.

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