Food for Thought!

So, I was sitting here at my computer working on my next big adventure when curiosity got the better of me. As I am constantly putting together more and more adventures to cool places and highlighting interesting sites along the way, the question that keeps coming back to me is, how many cool things are available to us right around our own community and yet we are oblivious to them? I think sometimes we neglect what is around us because be are too busy to take the time to explore. I have lived in Independence for about 15 years now and am certain there is a lot I do not know about our community.

Years ago, Laura and I made a goal of trying to explore our local surroundings and then branching out in such away as to grasp more and more local history, food, and entertainment while still being able to reach to further places. This has worked out well. Each adventure we take with our family or friends is in a different direction. We then alternate between local and nonlocal destinations. On a map it would look like a network of spider webs connecting our trips. By using this method it keeps us from neglecting local treasures.

1827 LOG COURTHOUSE - 107 W. Kansas Photo by Jarrod M. Warren

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