Get Out On The Water And Paddle!

Being out on a lake or river early in the morning is such an awesome experience. You feel very connected to nature and using your own power to propel you through the water makes you feel strong and capable of anything. Unfortunately, we don't give ourselves enough opportunities to use our full strength and endurance. Get out on the water more and it will give you a true test of your abilities. Most of us need more challenge and excitement in our lives. Spending time out on the water can deliver these things.

I challenge myself everyday in some way or another, and most of the time I prove myself. Sometimes I don't and have to go back for a rematch, or two. But making an effort to get out and put myself in more and more challenging endeavors allows me to grow as an individual and not get caught in the everyday grind of the world. We need to make time to enjoy what has been given us. Only then can we truly appreciate it.

Being out on the water is an adventure that gives you an appreciation of the beauty the world and its people have to offer. It also gives you insight to what needs to be done to protect and preserve that beauty.

If you have never been out in a canoe or kayak, try it. You will like it without a doubt. If it has been a while since you have, time to change that. Rise to the challenge and experience more. Live life!

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