How Depressing Is Bad Weather?

As we all know, bad weather can be very depressing. We go to bed having the desire to get up and enjoy another beautiful day biking our favorite route, hiking our favorite trail, or kayaking our favorite lake. But instead we wake to a chilly, windy, and wet day. Our hopes are dashed and the blues start to move in. Now, a few of us are extremists who usually don't let a little weather stand in the way of our fun. But, the depression still gets to us all the same and that's because we all enjoy doing fun things when the weather is fine. Our body and mind soak up the bright, warm day and rejuvenates themselves. Weather contrary to this, tends to do the opposite.

But hang in there, because the next beautiful day is just around the corner. You will get the chance again to enjoy those activities that make you itch. So, enjoy the day for what it is and use it as a day to catch up on your favorite book, arts and crafts day with the kids, or some alone time with your sweetheart. But what ever you do, don't waste it! Life is way to short!

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