Give Back To The Earth!

Anyone who spends quality time outdoors and visits many different places will tell you there is always one thing those places have in common...trash! It's a sad reality. You can't go anywhere without seeing litter. From our highways and neighborhoods, to our forests and our streams, trash seems to always be present. And what's worse, is that it seems to span generations. Civilization seems to always leave the worst part of itself behind, believing that everything will be just fine.

Unfortunately, for those of us that slow our lives down and seek the beauty of the earth and all that it has to offer, also get to see the ugliness that humans have to offer. I believe people are innately good, but that they just do not think about the consequences of their actions and the future it alters. Each person gets to choose what type of legacy they leave behind. Is it a legacy of caring, protection, and life? Or one of neglect, ignorance, and demise?

Humans have the ability to achieve remarkable things. So...tell me why we choose to do the most despicable things as well?

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